05/26/2018 6:20:41

BTC / USD   $7448.92   -1.84% ETH / USD   $589.54   -2.78% XRP / USD   $0.611659   -2.46% LTC / USD   $119.82   -2.29%

Telegram Open Network (TON) to launch GRAM Cryptocurrency via huge ICO

TON Blockchain Design Feature

Infinite Sharding Paradigm

TON blockchain will have Sharding as a built-in feature that will allow automatically split and merge to accommodate changes in blockchain load. This, in turn, means the fast generation of blocks that will help in the fast processing of transactions while keeping the cost low.

Instant Hypercube Routing

No matter how big the size of the system will be, transactions between any two blockchains will be processed swiftly as TON blockchain will be using smart routing mechanisms.

Proof of Stake Approach

TON blockchain will use proof of stake to reach consensus, nodes in proof of stake deposits stakes to guarantee their dependability and reach consensus. Proof of stake will enable nodes in TON blockchain in handling transactions and smart contract, making TON a speedy platform.

2-D Distributed Ledgers

TON has self healing mechanism to avoid unnecessary forks.