05/26/2018 6:21:18

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Ripple Cryptocurrency: The Future of Banking Transactions

Adoption of Ripple

Many banks and financial companies have already taken XRP on board. These institutions consider Ripple safer than its counterparts and more affordable. According to reports, the company maintains positive cash flow and keeps an enormous store of assets which it releases at regular intervals into the worldwide market. The banks prefer Ripple due to its apparent liquidity. Mr. Garlinghouse revealed Ripple achieved notable milestones during the last few months.

Ripple announced the company authorized its Blockchain system to more than 100 banks including American Express. Tech Crunch creator and co-editor Michael Arrington said the company’s $100 million digital currency investment fund earned its value in XRP. This year, the worth of Ripple increased over 7, 000 percent while the market ceiling went up by close to 8, 000 percent.