06/24/2018 13:11:15

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Ripple Cryptocurrency: The Future of Banking Transactions

Another Cryptocurrency on the Rise.

Many of us know that Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Ethereum remain as the most preferred cryptocurrencies worldwide. Another digital asset continues its pursuit of the leaders in this crypto world. We learned from CNBC News that Ripple (RP), an open-source and native digital currency, made substantial strides last December 22 and emerged as the third-biggest virtual money with a market worth of US$47.

Data released by CoinMarketCap disclosed that XRP surged $1.24 or 25% for 24 hours. Ripple, developed for banks and international money remittances, utilizes the Ripple Transaction Protocol and consensus ledger. Its value increased significantly after maintaining a market capitalization of only more than US$9 billion last December 10. The currency’s cap reached U$18.1 billion after ten days.