05/26/2018 6:19:15

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The Glitz And Glamor Of The Crypto-Elite: 10 Celebs You Might Be Surprised To Learn Trade In Cryptocurrency

1.  Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian, the popular social media star and well-known lothario is celebrated for throwing lavish parties, bragging about his possessions and spending time with women dressed, mostly, as the good lord made them. However, he comes from a lot of family money and whilst the playboy image is good for his personal brand, Bilzerian is known as a pretty shrewd investor and businessman.

He started bragging about his Cryptocurrency portfolio in April 2017 and most recently tweeted that his portfolio is made up of “…50% Bitcoin, 25% ETH, 15% Monero and 10% Bitcoin Cash”. This is a pretty solid spread (not to mention a healthy example of good diversification principles). Assuming he’s held Bitcoin since April, he has likely seen a return on his initial investment of over 900% which, even for someone as rich as the GOAT, is significant.